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PADWA DESIGN is an award-winning, Industrial design studio founded by Alex Padwa in 2003, with a rich experience in developing products and systems that are unique, desirable and clever.
Our fields of activities vary from medical high tech, consumer goods, automotive vehicles, robotic systems, furniture and more.

We design products for the industry.

We conceive, develop and design our clients' products from scratch.
Working closely with engineering, we bring our design all the way to production. We follow up and supervise the first prototypes, until they evolve to become industrial and ready for the market.


ALEX PADWA Industrial and automotive designer,
founded padwa design at 2003

Alex worked for Citroen Paris for five years as a car designer.

Between 2003- 2015 served as the head of the Industrial Design Dept. in Shenkar College of design and Engineering in Tel Aviv.

Appointed associate professor in 2016, has been teaching in Shenkar College and Reichman University, and has been leading innovation workshops in different academies in Europe (RCA and Imperial College London, Umea Sweden, Eindhoven academy in Holland, UDK Berlin and more).

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