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Baby bottle

Can you design a baby bottle that you would like to hug and cuddle?

Is there an abstract shape for sweetness? What is the three-dimensional representation of cuteness?

We were glad to join the R&D team of nano bebe in the design of a new bottle. We were impressed by the unique design and high quality of their previous products. We believe that the core essence of designing products is always the same, regardless of what you design. Whether it is a vehicle, an equipment, a medical system or a consumer product, the motivation, energy and process are the same. It may sound funny to claim that designing a spacecraft and designing a baby bottle are the same. Obviously, there are many differences, but the basic common thing is the challenge to express non-verbally the

personality and character of the product.​

We are glad to say that we didn't lose much of the fresh spirit presented in the beginning of the project, and the original sketch is still very much present in the final bottle.







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