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Patrol X

"Perform the most articulate and supple dance, only move in straight lines and don’t bend any organ". That's about the essence of the exciting mission we were given by Rego Automotive.

PATROL-X is an all-terrain ground mobility vehicle (GMV), that uses proven off-road rally grade design technologies. The vehicle is aimed at special forces, and also at the private market of off-road racing and motor sport.

Based on extensive research, PATROL-X lightweight, high strength construction and tube chassis enhance maneuverability while providing optimum vehicle safety. These are the dry facts describing an outstanding moving naked creature, which we, the designers, are assigned to dress properly. One of the challenges was the constraint of using only straight surfaces. The covers are all aluminum, and for reasons of weight, cost, efficiency and ease of production, must be absolutely straight. We couldn't use curves, arcs, radiuses what so ever. How can we express the agility, freshness and sophistication of the technology, with no visual softness or flexibility?


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